Special topics

Starting Sunday July 9th from 4:00 - 6:00 pm we will offer a one day only,  two hour special topics class. Class is limited to four canine students, and will vary each week. ($60 per meeting.) You do not need to be a Use Your Nose student to attend a Special Topic.

  • The Pee Zone: Exteriors & Vehicles on Grass 
  • Sniffing in the rain! (mother nature permitting)
  • Hay! Sniffing In A Horse Barn
  • Shiny Floors and Slick Surfaces
  • Buried and Water Hides 
  • Owner Scent Discrimination

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 Enroll Now For June/July Classes!!

Wednesday - June 21: 
2:00 pm Continuing Nose Work
5:00 pm Beginner / Puppy Obedience
6:30 pm Beginning Nose Work

Thursday - June 22:
5:00 pm Beginning Odor

6: 30 pm Advanced Nose Work 

Monday - June 26:
6:30 pm Continuing Nose Work

Tuesday - June 27:
5:00 pm Beginning Nose Work / Little Sniffers
6:30 pm Continuing Odor

Sunday - July 9:
9:00 am Advanced Nose Work
11:30 am Continuing Nose Work

2:00 pm Beginning Nose Work / Little Sniffers

A Dog's Nose Is Incredible!

Dogs have been using their wonderful sense of smell every day since birth. They use their nose to find their mother and where to suckle. Later in life they use their nose to check "pee mail" when out on a walk. Or when to come into the kitchen to "supervise" dinner preparations.

Humans learned how to train dogs to use their noses to find: lost people, illegal drugs, explosives, destructive insects, bad bacteria, cancer and other medical conditions, and the future hold great promise for even more discoveries through the dog's nose!  

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