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Owner/Founder & Lead Trainer
Cindy Roberts, CNWI, CBDT

The dog who started Cindy's love of the sport of K9 Nose Work®

Nibbler is a long coated Chihuahua who came into Cindy's life and captured her heart.

He has several challenges he has faced - beginning with his litter. His mother developed a life threatening illness while carrying the pups. Out of the five she carried only Nibbler and his sister made it to birth.

He has faced  many of his fears, and still has a long way to go - but Cindy firmly believes he would not have gotten as far as he has without K9 Nose Work®.

Even if he never obtains a title, he will become one of the first dogs in Birmingham, AL trained to sniff out cancer from human test samples!

Cindy Roberts and Nibbler

About Us

Use Your Nose Dog Training has been in the making since 1980. That was the year Cindy learned about dog obedience classes and enrolled her first dog into a class. Over time, she transitioned from taking the classes to training the obedience classes.

More recently, Cindy has been traveling around the country attending K9 Nose Work® seminars, camps, trials, Odor Recognition tests. She hosts Odor Recognition Tests under NACSW guidelines, and is currently working for approval to host an NACSW trial.

In March of 2016 Cindy completed the requirements to obtain her Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) certification, and is putting in the hours to maintain that certification.

In October 2016 Cindy traveled to Chico, California to train at the In Situ Foundation and earned certification as a Bio-Dog Detection Trainer! She was one of the first eight individuals in the US certified to train dogs to sniff out cancer and other diseases! She is currently working with Laurie Malone on the Sprout and Penny Canine Foundation's Sniff 4 Life program. (

In addition to the sniffing work, Cindy is an AKC CGC/Tricks evaluator, conducts home checks for adoptions and teaches puppy obedience, obedience, and rally classes. She is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), and has passed testing to become an AKC Scent Work Judge!