Nibbler will be one of the first dogs trained in Birmingham to sniff out cancer and other conditions. This is a job he was born to do!

Cindy Roberts, CNWI, CBDT and Laurie A Malone, PhD, CBDT were trained and certified by the In Situ Foundation of Chico, California in October 2016, the first of 8 students to be certified Internationally, and first of 6 in the US!

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Bio Detection / Cancer Sniffing Dogs
Sniff 4 Life

Dogs can detect cancer earlier and more accurately than any machine in existence.  Medical scent detection dogs will transform medicine through early detection of cancer.  As an emerging field additional research is needed to make canine medical scent detection a more accepted science.

Currently there are less than a handful of legitimate trainers of medical scent detection dogs in the world who specialize in early detection of cancer.  However, the protocols have now been standardized through rigorous testing and evaluation, and a training and certification program has been developed for people to garner the skills needed to train dogs for this life saving mission.

Cindy Roberts and Laurie Malone have partnered together and were one of the first teams trained and certified to help move this field forward.  Between them, Cindy and Laurie have 30+ years of both dog training and research experience ensuring their success in this venture. 

We are currently looking for funding to pay for a facility! If you would like to help us in our fundraising efforts, please visit If you would like to propose use of your building for a tax deductible donation or at a reduced rate to help out the small non-profit, please send information to

We are also interested in establishing contacts with those in the research field who would like to conduct tests with the dogs! We believe dogs can detect early stages of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and maybe even Lyme!