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Sniff N Go &

Problem Area Concentrations

Do you have a trial coming up and need a little extra practice? Or do you feel you need more work on one element?  Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for Sniff N Go and Problem Solving sessions!

Check our Facebook page at to see when we have an event coming up!

Each Sniff N Go is $30 per dog.

Target Classes are $65 for two hours and space is limited.

Mobile users: If you cannot see the calendar, click the link below to view the desktop version.

New Offerings!

Detector Dog -  Do you think your dog has what it takes to be a detector dog? Join us for 4 easy sessions and let's find out! $200/4 weeks

Tracking - Let's hit the trail! The sniffing trail! Train your dog how to follow a track or trail. $100/4 weeks

*Free* New Puppy Workshop! New puppy in your future? Register for our new puppy workshops to find out how to get off on the right paw what your new family member! This is a human only workshop. New and prospective puppy owners attend this workshop to learn about puppy care and management.  All attendees will receive a discount for our Puppy Boot Camp if they enroll within 30 days of taking the workshop.

AKC CGC, CGCA, UCGC Practice & Tests and Trick Title Testing:

CGC, CGCA, and UCGC Practice is charged by the hour and is intended to see what areas the student and dog still need to work on to satisfy the requirements of the test. Practice and Tests are scheduled on an as needed basis. Please call or email to arrange a day and time to meet.

Testing is a one time fee, regardless if the student and dog pass the test or not.

CGC Practice and Testing Fees:

CGC class - $25/hr

CGCA / UCGC class - $50/hr

CGC Test - $25*

CGCA and UCGC Tests - $45*

All levels of AKC Trick Dog testing: $25*

*This does not include the AKC fee to register dog or apply for title.

Nose Work Classes:

  • Beginning Nose Work & Continuing Nose Work- These are the foundation classes where your dog will "use his nose" to find the reward. Continuing Nose Work will be outdoors or at different training areas other than our primary training center. $145/6 weeks

  • Beginning Odor and Continuing Odor - Your dog's introduction  to the first odor used in NACSW NW1 trials, Birch. Dogs work indoors in the safety and security of the training center. Prerequisite for Beginning Odor is successful completion of  Beginning Nose Work or instructor permission. $150/6 weeks

  • Intermediate and Advanced - You and your dog will continue to train in preparation for your ORT and Nose Work trials! $150/6 weeks

Do you have a group of 4 or more who wish to take K9 Nose Work at your location? Contact to arrange a private group class and group discounts!

Right Paw Puppy Boot Camp and Obedience Boot Camps

A trained dog is a happy dog, and an even happier owner! We cover the usual commands in class: sit, down, stay, place, loose leash walking, and come when called. We also give you practical skills for having a great relationship with your dog!

Four weeks of Puppy boot camp are $200
Four weeks of Obedience boot camp are $325