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Dogs Can detect  cancer!

Dogs have a great sense of smell. They can locate one drop of blood in the volume of two Olympic size swimming pools or pick out individual ingredients in spaghetti sauce. There are so many stories of dogs finding caner in their owners before the doctors located the cancer. 

Our mission is to train dogs to detect cancer during research to add to the body of scientific research into the dog's ability.  Later  we hope to provide a screening service to help augment the yearly routine check-ups with your doctors.

We have a better chance of partnering with a researcher if we can offer a portion of the funding to proceed with a project. It takes a considerable amount of money to conduct a project, and researchers rely on grants from various sources. The competition for grants is fierce, and a small project like ours does not normally garner the large grants. 

We need your help to get this life saving project going!

If everyone who sees this page, visits our GoFundMe page, or FaceBook donations page would donate just $6.00, then we will have what we need to make this project take flight!

Or you can donate to us directly!