• Medical Scent Detection Dog Training
  • CGC/SPOT Prep Class and Testing
  • Adult Dog Obedience
  • Rally
  • Flyball / Scent Hurdles
  • Fitness Evaluation and Classes
  • Beginning Search and Rescue
  • Private or Group Lessons
  • Drop In Training
  • Urban Canine Athlete (Parkour)
  • Pets in Pics Photography Class

Puppy Class - is a group class for puppies ages 16 weeks to 6 months. We cover the commands needed to make your puppy the ideal model citizen in your family and community! Puppies learn to sit, down, come when called, walk on a leash, stay with another person, allow grooming or exam, and to give up food or a toy to the owner. We also cover usual puppy problems such as: no mouthing/biting, house breaking, go to place, and lots of fun games as well! Puppies will test for the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy at graduation. 6 Weeks $175/Group Class - $350/Private [Register]

Puppy Drop Off - is a daily training program for puppies ages 8 weeks to 6 months. Puppies attend three days a week for four hours each day for four weeks and are trained by our trainers to learn all the good puppy manners including potty training, how to socialize with puppies of their same age and size, and confidence building skills. Programs can be tailored to your specific needs without additional costs.  Only 4 puppies are enrolled in this program at any given time. Email Cindy to find out more about this program. $650/4 weeks

Beginning Dog Manners and Obedience - is for non reactive dogs ages 6 months and older. We work on the basic obedience and manners needed to help you dog be a great pet and a model citizen in the community such as walk on a loose leash, sit, down, stay, come when called, emergency recall, go to place, and how to sit for petting. We can also help you with trouble areas on a case by case basis. 4 Weeks $175/Group $350/Private. [Register]


Advanced Dog Manners - we take the lessons your dog has learned in Beginning Class and hone the skills to allow your dog to interact with strangers, other non-aggressive/reactive dogs, allow handling by another person when needed, walk on a loose leash, sit, down, and come when called. 4 Weeks $175/Group  $350/Private [Register]

AKC CGC/UKC SPOT Training - the goal at the end of the class is to test for either the AKC CGC or UKC SPOT test, your choice. Lessons will include test items to be sure you and your canine pal are ready for the big test at the end of the 4 weeks. If you wish to test for both exams, you can arrange with the instructor to do so. 4 weeks $175/ Group $350/Private [Register]

Rally, in person group class will teach you how to read the various rally signs used in AKC Rally and AKC Virtual Rally competition. All phases from Beginner Rally through those working for their Master Rally title are welcome to join in the class. 4 weeks $175/Group $350/Private [Register]


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Beginning Nose Work - This is the foundation classe where your dog will learn to "use his nose" to find the reward. A great opportunity to really bond with your dog. This class is appropriate for dog reactive dogs, as only one dog works at a time. Dogs reactive to people will need to take private lessons, if deemed appropriate for your dog.
​$150/4 weeks [Register]​

Beginning Odor and Continuing Odor - Your dog's introduction to the first odor used in most scent sport trials, Birch. Dogs work indoors in the safety and security of the training center. Prerequisite for Beginning Odor is successful completion of  Beginning Nose Work or instructor permission. In Continuing Odor dogs may be exposed to additional odors used in competitions as well as travel to other locations to search new areas. $150/4 weeks [Register]

Intermediate and Advanced Nose Work - You and your dog will continue to train in preparation for odor tests, trials, and demo events. $150/4 weeks [Register]

Sniff. Sit. Stretch.                                               

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Canine Fitness is essential for dogs to maintain a healthy body weight, to build and retain muscle tone, and to have greater freedom of movement and flexibility.

Let our staff help your pup to shed excess weight, maintain or build core strength, and keep them moving during the cold winters.

Our trainer is a Certified Canine Fitness Trainers through the University of Tennessee and FitPaws. We have training programs for all life stages of dogs and help build flexibility, coordination, and strength depending on the goals you have for your dog.

​Fitness Evaluation is required before attending a fitness class or private session. The cost is $125, which includes one exercise class. 

Group Exercise Class - 6 meetings - $200

Private Exercise Class - 6 meetings - $350

Drop Off Fitness and Conditioning packages are available tailored to your dog's specific needs and begin at $250.

We are an authorized FitPaws Dealer and an approved AKC FIT Dog Club!